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Stand out in a crowded field.

You need to differentiate yourself from thousands of other agents. We can help.

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Lead the competition

Voice apps are a growing market and you can still establish your dominance in the market.

Sell homes faster

With our ability to give your listing a voice you can answer buyer questions and highlight impressive features like you were there.

Impress Potential Clients

You can prove to your clients that you understand todays cutting edge technology and will be able to deliver a better service than other real estate agents.

Convert More Leads

Now you can impress sellers during their listing presentation and show them how you can sell their home faster.

Save Time and Hassle

Buyers always have questions and showing agents don't have the answers. Put a speaker in your listing and let us handle the questions.

Close More Sales

Buyers with questions move on to other listings and are less likely to make an offer. Answer questions while buyers are still in the house so they fall in love and make an offer faster.


Show your clients that your up to date on the latest technology and can use it to help sell their home.


Use your flash briefing to stay in touch with current and past clients. You can instantly reach hundreds of clients just by recording a couple minutes of audio and reamain their agent for life!


Consumers are adopting voice assistants at a record pace. Sellers want to work with agents that understand how to utilize technology to sell their home faster.

Get Feedback

Get feedback from buyers while they're in the house.

Give listings your voice

Answer common questions and highlight areas of the home you want potential buyers to notice.

Showing End Notification

You can set up email notifications to go to your sellers when a showing ends. Sellers don't have to wonder when they can go home.

Works Everywhere

Amazon Echo, Google Home, and mobile phones. Our service works wherever your clients go.

Give listings your voice

Buyers always have questions during showings. Now you can answer those questions and highlight everything that makes the listing unique. You no longer have to rely on the showing agent to sell the home.


We provide you metrics on what questions potential buyers are asking. We break down user interactions by questions and day so you can see how your listing performs over time.

You don't have to hope and wait for feedback to come in to see what buyers are thinking about your listing.

Instant Feedback

Now you can get feedback while buyers are in the home!

  • You won't have to wait around and pester the showing agent for feedback.
  • Instantly see what questions buyers have been asking.
  • Add answers for future showings.

Stay in contact with your own Flash Briefing

Alexa makes it simple for people to get news important to them daily. Now you can publish your own news and keep your brand in your customers minds.

Alexa, play my flash briefing
In local real estate news...
{Alexa playing real estate agent recording}
There are several great houses that just entered the market this week. If you're looking to buy give me a call. The first house...


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  • Feedback
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  • 2 week free trial
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